'Blessings in Time: A Love Story of Joseph & Mary" is a captivating new musical that tells the untold story of the events surrounding the birth of the Savior, Jesus Christ. With music created by Emmy Award Winning composers, this touching work is sure to uplift any audience who views it. The production is now available for licensing & performance in both private and public settings. 

Blessings in Time: A Love Story of Joseph & Mary  takes a closer look at the people and events closely associated with the immaculate conception of the Savior, Jesus Christ. Mary, a pure and faithful woman graciously accepts the challenge of being the mother of the Son of God in a time when births without a husband solemnized by jewish law was a social death sentence. Joseph must navigate the emotional whirlwind of pride, hurt and jealously to protect and trust the woman he loves and cherishes. This enchanting new musical portrays how their love and devotion to one another earned them the 'best love story of all time'. Travel with them through this musical to experience some of the emotions they felt as Greg Reece portrays the story with a whole new perspective.

Blessings in Time  is available to be licensed for private and public productions. Get licensing >

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"In this impressive musical work, Greg has captured the untold love story of Joseph and Mary.

The story comes to life through insightful lyrics."


the ancient untold stories

He Held Me In His Hands 

Mary's friend feels the sacred power of holding the baby Jesus. 


My Voice Cried Out

The life sketch of John the Baptist. 


Simon Peter 

Peter's struggle to become the man he needs to be. 


Will No One Reach Out To Another

The story of the Good Samaritan.


The Last Supper 

The events of the Last Supper as experienced by the apostles.


Ten Lepers 

The tale of the man who came back to thank Jesus. 


...and more! 

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