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Gregory L Reece 

Gregory L Reece is the owner of GLR Productions LLC, a company created to promote and market musicals and songs. As the sole playwright he has created the lyrics for fifteen songs within the musical and also has ten other songs in various stages of completion.

Greg’s philosophy in his writing is simply, if you put the time in to put something down on paper it should be written in such a way that it affects the feelings and emotions of those reading or listening to the finished product.

Writer & Producer 

Greg has also been blessed with a great wife who has been understanding, many times coming down at three o-clock in the morning to remind the man lost in the words, that he has to get up in two hours to go to work. She has been the subtle strength behind the scenes when personal time together was sacrificed and financial stress from the costs of the production was evident.


One may ask what would give someone enough incentive to dream about creating a musical. The more pertinent question may be why, when this person has no formal education in writing and absolutely zero musical skills, would he even attempt such an undertaking. The answer for Greg was simple, he had an idea of a simple Christmas poem for his family that kept growing, he was blessed through a loving Heavenly Father to have impressions and promptings of what to write, and along the way the most marvelous professional people came into his life to add their talent and genius to help move the production along. His work is not a work of one but many.

His current finished products include:

The musical “Blessing in Time”, a love story of Joseph and Mary.

Songs completed within the musical include: Relationship of Trust, Mary’s Blessing, Elizabeth’s Song, The Confrontation, Joseph’s Sorrow, Mary’s Realization, Joseph’s Dream, Joseph’s Answer, The Morning After, Loneliness, Journey, Hosannas of Praise, He Held Me in His Hands, Just One Roman Soldier and Still Together.

Songs completed outside of the musical include: Cat Yeller and Where Is Christmas This Year. I Was There, The Last Supper, Simon of Cyrene, The Ten Diseased, I’d Lost All Hope, Will No One Reach Out, Can I Be There, I Opened The Door To Calvary, The Passing, Peter Come Follow Me, In The Trenches, Just One Who Cares, Holiness To His House. 

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