Forever Kites

Legend: Dad: Bold lettering

Son: Normal lettering

Jesus: Underlined lettering

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Well, hello young…

My kite is all broken. Can you help me?

Oh I see that. I’m so sorry! Timmy, isn’t it?


And you are six, Timmy?

Yep⁠—almost seven!

Well, why don’t you both come in? You can sit right over there if you’d like. Good! Is everybody settled?


Well, let me see what I can do about this kite of yours. And this is your dad Timmy?

Yes, he’s my Pop!

Is he a good dad, Timmy?

He’s the bestest dad in the whole wide world!

Wow, that’s one great dad!

Yep, I kind of like him. My mom says he’s a keeper.

Ah that’s good. So Timmy, I’d like to get to know you a little better, and then we can talk about what we can do for your kite. Is that OK?


So, tell me about your day so far.

You mean all of it?

Yes, if you wouldn’t mind.

OK. Well, today is my special day.

I like special days, special in what way?

Today me and Pop are by ourselves. It’s our adventure day. He says it’s our special day!

That sounds fun.

Yes, I promised Timmy when we started having our special day that I would set a few hours aside occasionally, but if I set time aside, I wanted Timmy to do something also.

Yep. My dad wanted me to think of a name I could call our day, like a super-secret password.

How exciting!

So I’m hurting my brain, I’m thinking so hard about it, and then, zap! It just comes into my head.

Ah, so you figured out a name?

Yep! I call it my “Silly Pop Day” cause it’s just us two, and we can be silly with each other.

That’s a great name!

Yep! I told my dad, and he said I was part of a new generator.

I think that was a new generation, Son.

Yep! That’s the word, Dad.

Do you know what that means, Timmy?

Well I think, kind of. .

It means people your age are smart and strong and brave.

Like a lion!

Yes Timmy, just like a lion. It sounds like you really like this day.

Yep! It’s the best. I love it when my dad puts it on the calendar. I sneak in everyday to make sure it is still there. So, I decided today I wanted to fly a kite.

Wow, that does sound exciting!

I know!

So I told Timmy, let’s give it a try-it does sound fun!

So Dad drives us to this store. What was it called, Dad?

Forever Kites.

Yeah, that’s it! It’s where they make all kinds of kites. We talked to the. . .what was his name again, Dad?

The kite master.

Yes, I talked to the kite mister about what I want, and he starts showing us around. It was a humongous place, and he was very nice, and wow! There are some really big ones, like way bigger than me.

Yes, it was a very big place.

My dad said we should start out small because of my size. Also, my dad is sometimes fugal, my mom says.

I think maybe you mean your dad is frugal.

Yep! That’s the word; I think it means cheap.

Ouch, Timmy! Well, maybe he’s kind of right. However, the kite master did help Timmy pick out a kite. Timmy just explained to him what he wanted, and the kite master had a few additional suggestions, and he matched everything up just like Timmy wanted.

One of the things I wanted on my kite was a name.

And why did you want a name?

Well, then I know the kite is special just for me.

And the kite master helped you with that?

Yep I told him what I wanted to call my kite and he said no one had asked him that before, but he would do it.

Timmy what name did you want on your kite?

I wanted it to say “believe”

That is unusual, but I really like it. Did you choose the word because of what happened when you were just a baby?

Yes. My mom told me I was in a hurry to come here, I just couldn’t wait!

You came pretty early right?

Yep, my dad says I was way early. He nicknamed me his double cheeseburger combo with fries, because that’s about all I weighed.

And the word for your kite came about because. . .?

My Mom said so many people helped, and they believed so hard that things would be ok. Some days when things aren’t going too good, I just have to think about the word, and then I feel a little better.

Ah, now I see why the word has a special meaning to you.

Sometimes when I’ve done something right my mom holds me and calls me her little miracle, I guess because I was in the hospital so long.

I love the story behind your kite. So you really like it.

Yep! It’s the best kite ever. You know why?

I would venture a guess that it’s because it’s uniquely Timmy.

Yep! So we go ahead and buy it. It’s perfect for me, just my size and everything.

Very good, so what happens next?

We go to breakfast! That’s part of the “Silly Pop” deal. I get a giant stack of pancakes with lots of butter and like a gallon of syrup. Sometimes I eat part of my dad’s, too.

He always eats part of mine, part of being a growing boy I guess.

That sounds fantastic⁠-a good time for both of you!

We really enjoy our “Silly Pop Day;” it’s a tradition now. So after breakfast I drive us down to the beach, where the wind is good, and we start assembling the kite. I’m not the best with instructions, but the kite master kind of explained how it all fits together, and in a few minutes, we had it together.

Can you remember what he said before we left, Dad?

Yes, Son he said you never know exactly how each kite will fly until its pieces are put together and it stretches itself to the wind.

So every kite has the same basic parts, but each kite is individual in its own way? Each kite handles the wind a little differently?

Yup. . .is that right, Dad?

Yes, that’s exactly right, Timmy.

So, Dad gets the kite put together, we hook up the line, and then what, Dad?

I told Timmy to take the control line and walk down the beach about 20 steps, and then I held the kite up as high as I could.

I guess that helps lunch it.

I think the word may be “launch” it, Timmy. Sounds like it’s time for the kite to try to fly.

Dad lines me up and holds the kite up and then what, Dad?

I told Timmy to run as fast as he could, and then I let go of the kite.

I just took off running; I can run real fast!

I bet you can, Timmy, and then?

Well, the kite just kept on falling.

Yes, we would get it up for a few seconds while Timmy was running, but then it would start zigging and zagging and fall to the sand. We tried a couple of more times, but the same thing happened.

I didn’t think my kite was going to fly and wondered if I should have put that name on it, and then this guy came up to Dad.

Yes, he’d been sitting watching us on a bench as we struggled to get the kite up, then he came over and whispered something to me.

Words of encouragement or support?

No, he just told Dad to make the tail longer, and one other thing huh dad.

Yes, he just whispered in my ear, “I believe”

Ah, I see.

He was an experienced kite flier, so he told me to add a length of cloth to the tail, and it would begin to fly right. So I ran to the car and got some cloth and the guy showed us the right length and where to tie it on.

He was a great help, right Dad?

Yes, he was, Son.

Then what happened?

We got the kite just off the ground. What did you call it, Dad?

Hovering, Son. The guy gave us a thumbs up, and we thanked him before he left and then we decided to try again.

Yep, but before we did that, Dad told me a story about how kites are like life. He does this sometimes. . .kind of like the parallels in the Bible, I think.

Ah yes, parables.

Yes, that’s it. . .kind of a special Jesus story.

Do you like the parables when your Dad reads them?

Yep, I love the stories of Jesus.

I’m so glad. So, let’s continue with your story.

Well, my Dad asks me what the tail is doing for the kite, and I think it’s like making it heavier on the bottom. Right, Dad?

Right, Son.

So, when the kite gets in the air now, it stays centered.

Exactly right.

I take just a few seconds to point out to Timmy some of the stable things in his life; things like family and friends, scriptures and daily prayer, going to church and learning more about Jesus.

Timmy, I’m so glad to hear you have all those things in your life.

Yeah, making friends is hard though.

Believe me, I know. One of the hardest decisions in life is being surrounded with good friends. Do you have good friends Timmy?

Yep, we play a lot.

Very good! So, what happened to the kite next?

Finally, we get the kite in the air just a little, and I’m holding it steady, and my dad is more excited I think than even me!

Timmy is not exaggerating there.

So he runs up to me and says, “OK! Let’s just let the control line out a little at a time.” But he lets me do it, cause it’s my kite.

Yes, and when he lets the control line out, the kite drops just a little until the line goes tight again as the kite starts to climb. Timmy was pretty good about letting the line out slowly.

Timmy, can you remember in the scriptures where it says we learn line upon line?

Yep. I think my Mom read that to me.

That’s kind of like what you were doing with the kite: giving out a little line each time instead of all at once. This allows the kite to feel the change, and then it can adjust to the new wind pattern and learn. So, by letting the line out slowly, what happened to the kite?

It was crazy! It started going higher and higher! I couldn’t believe it! Well, I could “believe” it. I mean it’s the name of my kite! It was getting so high! It got way up there-I had to keep looking at the spool to see if I still had line left!

Just like us! If we could just learn a little precept each day, we could rise to new heights and fly high like your kite. So what happened next?